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Champion Apex's Luigi,CGC 

Co-Owned with Lisa Ann & Tom Schmidt

At the show hotel...

Louie popping his head out of the top of his soft crate

1 Year of Age:

Just popping his head out of the top of his soft sided crate!

At 11 Months:

Photos taken at 6 months of age:

12-14 Weeks:


Baby Pictures:

Louie, Redek and Roco

Redek and Louie

Sire:  Italian Champion Brenno        Dam: Champion Jara Dei Silvanbull

DOB: 3/11/06        Sex:  Male

PennHIP >90th Percentile - The report says specifically "your animal's hips are tighter than approximately 100% of this group of animals"  Group meaning the Cane Corso breed.

Canine Good Citizen

Size:  27" and 123 lbs

Personality: Dominant, Assertive and Obedient.  Intelligent, affectionate, happy, playful, sweet, and outgoing.

About Luigi:  "Louie" is a Rarities Champion, co-owned with Lisa Ann & Tom Schmidt and lives with them.  We flew to Italy with Luigi's mother, Jara, to do the stud with Brenno.  Luigi is a result of that breeding. 

Luigi's Show Career:

Best of Breed/Group 1/BEST IN SHOW and Best of Breed/Group 2 at Rarities Lums Pond Classic II 9/20/08

Best of Breed/Group 4 and Best of Breed/Group 2 at Rarities Hartford Classic 10/28/07 & 10/29/07 

Winners Dog at Rarities Memorial Day Showdown 5/26/07

Winners Dog 2 times and 1 time Best of Winners at Rarities Tri State Showdown 5/5/07

Winners Dog/Best of Winners at Rarities Chantilly Classic 3/25/07


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