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Jara x Jones Litter

Jasmine x Jones Litter

Jara x Tuff Litter

Jara x Brenno Litter

Farah x Tuff Litter

Kelly x Cash Litter

Jasmine x Tuff Litter

Farah x Luigi

Jara x Jones - Repeat breeding 2007

Pink x Tuff

Jasmine x Roca/Max

Ivy x Luigi

Farah x Tuff - Repeat breeding 2008

Pink x Tuff - Repeat breeding 2008

Jasmine x Roca/Tuff

Ivy x Tuff

Farah x Silver Della Valle dei Lord

Pink x Uran Della Valle dei Lord

Valerie x Ken Della Valle dei Lord

Blaze x Italian Champion Warrior


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