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Jara x Jones Puppies:

Jasmine x Jones puppies playing:

Kiddo, Lucy and Penelope

Roman and Cyrus


Lucy running                                                        Cyrus running

Jara and Jasmine                                                                         Farah

Jara and Jasmine Cuddling                                                            Ten

Jara x Jones puppies playing

Ten, Tuff , Lanie and Farah

Nugget                                                                   "Hey -  You stole my pillow!"

Ten and Tuff                                                                            Tuff

Farah, Sassa and Lanie                                                                      Danny

Nugget and Taz                                                                                 Ten

Boys sharing a stick (Tuff, Ten and Tug)


Tuff                                                                                    Farah

Jara and Jasmine                                                                           Farah

Farah                                                                    Jasmine and Jara

Tuff                                                                                            Farah

Bella doing the A-frame at just 8 weeks of age                                    Tug

Ten                                                                                            Tuff

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