Jones, Owned by Sarka Bajerova

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Jones is one of the Most Titled Cane Corsos in Europe!!!

Sire of 16 Champions in 8 Countries!

Jones Show Career:

Austria Champion

Luxembourg Champion

Polish Champion

Slovakia Champion

Croatia Champion

Czech Champion

Czech Junior Champion  

Jones has been shown 3 times at International Shows in Italy and has gotten Best of Breed EVERY TIME!  He was Best Of Breed at the 2003 Raduno AICC show in Rome, Italy.  There were 96 Corsos competing in that show! 

63 times Best of Breed

5 times Best in Show & 1 time Reserve Best in Show at International Shows

6 times Best in Group and 5 times Reserve Best in Group at International Shows with 3000-4000 dogs competing

35 Times CACIB from 7 different countries

12/2/02 Best of Breed out of 45 Cane Corsos competing at the International Show in Verona Italy, judged by Dr. Bezzechi of Italy.  Then Jones went on to be awarded Group 3, judged by Antonio di Lorenzo of Italy.

1/19/03 Best of Breed out of 63 Cane Corsos competing at the International Show in Milan Italy, judged by Mr. Perricone of Italy.

Champion of Champions 2002 from all Breeds in the Czech Republic

Reserve Champion of Champions 2003 from all Breeds in the Czech Rep     

Club Winner Austria 2002, 2004

Club Winner Cane Corso Czech Republic 2001, 2002, 2003

Club Winner Moloss Club Czech Republic 2001, 2002

Specialty Winner in Czech Republic 2001, 2002, 2003

Champion & Grand Champion-Cane Corso Club Czech republic                           

About Jones:                    

Jones was born in Italy & now lives in the Czech Republic
DOB:  8-16-1999
127 lbs, 26-3/4" tall
HD 2/2
Correct stable temperament, friendly and calm with the family,
protective in the garden and gets along well with other dogs.


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